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Our Teeth Whitening Services

We Create Healthy & Beautiful Smiles

At Martin Werschky DDS, we can restore the brilliant luster to your teeth with easy at-home treatments. In a matter of days, your teeth can be noticeably whiter.

When it comes to whiter teeth, we have you covered!

Are you having trouble getting a whiter smile with tooth paste alone? Years of coffee, wine, tea, and tobacco consumption can leave lasting stains on your teeth. Even if these things are not items you regularly consume, age can also play a part, leaving your teeth yellowed, brown or discolored. At Martin Werschky DDS, we can restore the brilliant luster to your teeth with easy at-home treatments. In a matter of days, your teeth can be noticeably whiter.

Sheer White! Professional Take-Home Teeth Whitening Strips

Sheer White Teeth Whitening Strips have SheerFilm advanced technology to stick and mold perfectly to the teeth making them almost invisible. Sheer White Strips are at home use teeth whitening strips that you wear daily for 1 to 2 hours to achieve teeth whitening results fast. Not only are they comfortable to wear during any activity (including talking or even drinking cold beverages!), but they also cause little to no sensitivity with their the 20% carbamide peroxide tooth whitening formula. You may experience up to a 5-shade brighter smile!

Whiten up to five shades in just five days!

Philips Zoom NiteWhite 16%

Nite White Bleaching Gel

The most dramatic results for a healthy, white smile with convenient wear overnight. Philips Zoom NiteWhite 16% Carbamide Peroxide delivers maximum results for patients who don’t mind a longer wear time or prefer whitening while they are sleeping.

For managing sensitivity: For an ongoing take-home treatment, you should replace your existing toothpaste with a toothpaste containing 5% potassium nitrate and use twice daily. We recommend using Relief ACP gel in tray, along with your whitening gel, ACP does not interfere with whitening results.

Wear time: Overnight or 2-4 hours daily. Optimum results within two weeks.

ZOOM in-office whitening

Clinically proven to whiten up to 8 shades. Advanced blue LED light-accelerated whitening delivers dramatic results in minimal time. Giving you your whitest smile with the least effort on your part.

We can Whiten your smile safely and effectively with customizable options that address your individual sensitivity and stain levels. We can treat all levels of discoloration with a combination of our in-office and take-home teeth whitening solutions.

Whiten up to 8 shades!

Treat Yourself To A New Smile!

GLO™ Science in-office & take home Whitening

GLO Science combines gentle heat and light technology with sensitivity-free hydrogen peroxide gel to provide unparalleled whitening results from home.

Forget about uncomfortable trays, runny gels and messy strips. Patented GLO Vials (G-Vials®) are designed to let you easily brush on this specially formulated, sensitivity-free, no-drip hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel. It only takes seconds to apply and it stays in place. Every GLO Vial features an airtight seal inside so you always get fresh, active gel even after opening – no refrigeration required. Brush the gel directly onto your teeth – it will penetrate and evaporate, vaporizing stains and whitening your teeth. There is no need to rinse after use. Each GLO Vial contains enough gel for at least six applications.